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WINA Festival 2017

WINA Festival 2017

WINA 2017 – World Independent Awards – Starts with many changes. Nevertheles, maintaining the essence that sets it apart from traditional festivals. On the one hand because it is the only festival where only independent advertising and digital networks and can registered. On the other hand because the registration has no cost and only the winners pay for the award rights.

Date change:
The first edition took place in November, last year at the Sheraton Convention Center. But from this year and thereafter it will be held in June, taking care of the multiple requests from European agencies. This way the end of the registration period does not coincide with the return from holidays of the European calendar.

Simultaneous locations:
WINA 2017 will be held in America and Europe, simultaneously. Santiago de Chile (June 28th and 29th) will host dozens of international visitors during 2 days of conferences, workshops, forums, awards and closing party. In Barcelona (Spain) the awards ceremony for the European winners will take place. It will be a night of awards and forum of jurors on June 30th.
Participants will be able to decide where to claim their awards once they are confirmed as winners.

Free registration of works will continue but with restrictions:
The number of cases that each participant can register at no cost, in a range of 2 to 6 pieces depending on the size of the agency, will be halved.

Free registration of cases will continue but with reductions:
The number of works that each participant can register at no cost, in a range of 2 to 6 pieces (depending on the size of the agency) will be halved. Agencies that want to register additional cases may do so by paying US190. The beginning of registrations for agencies is the 13th of February and the works load, from the 15th February on.

The brand:
Last year WINA, was known as Wina World Independent Advertising Awards, but from now it will now be recognized as WINA Festival.

More information and registration on: winafestival.com