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Blackthorns studio - spark soda

Today i wanna show you projects made by Blackthorns Studio. Their main profile is – branding, branding for alcohol, beer, tea and other drinkable product :)

In this year Blackthorns create a challenge #366canschallenge. Every day they create a new can design. (some cans – below).

Blackthorns studio - spark soda

Now in this pictures you can see the one of the canschallenge part. Project for prebiotic Spark! soda. The Spark! line is available in 6 fragrances: mango, wild berry, lemon, natural tonic, strawberry and ginger/pineapple.

Blackthorns studio - spark soda

Blackthorns studio - spark soda

Next one project is Karma CBD.

Blackthorns Design - Karma CBD Gummies

This cannabis packaging concept is based on the popular plants used in Russian tea infusions: Ivan Chai, Zveroboy, Tavolga, Smorodina & Brusnika. Karma CBD wants to offer the consumer a brand experience luxurious and unique by promoting the benefits of CBD.

p.s. – we don’t promote any cannabis products, we publish packaging.

Blackthorns Design - Karma CBD Gummies

Blackthorns Design - Karma CBD Gummies

Now: #366canschallenge

Blackthorns Design - 366Challenge-Curiuus milk tea drink

Concept packaging design for Curiuus, a milk tea drink with tapioca balls inside. Typefaces by retypefoundry.

Blackthorns Design - 366Challenge - Donuts Illustration

Concept packaging design for a stout beer called Homer (Simpson, of course^^). Donuts illustration by

Blackthorns Design - 366Challenge - Raspberry Organic Soda

Concept packaging design for a slow brewed raspberry organic soda.

Blackthorns Design - 366Challenge - White Knights

Concept packaging design for White Knights, a St Petersburg cold brew coffee brand.

More challenge on Instagram @studioblackthorns