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ClipArt Project

ClipArt Project - Andy Warhol

The idea that collaborative projects are the future it is becoming more important for many people and to demonstrate it, this beautiful project made on a Patera Studio’s creative sojourn: ClipArt Project.

Within it, some creative people from different fields have merged in order to a powerful video which visually and conceptually represents great artist from history. Dali, Picasso, Degás, Kandisnsky and a never-ending list are perfectly conceptualized and characterized into the clipart object.

Illustrations: Mauco Sosa
Animation: Mikel D’Errico
Sound: Estudios La Panaderia

ClipArt Project - Salvador Dali

ClipArt Project - Francisco Goya

ClipArt Project - Jackson Pollock

ClipArt Project - Leonardo Davinci

ClipArt Project - Pablo Picasso

ClipArt Project - Vasili Kandinsky

Check full project on Behance