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Did you see emoji icons at the left bottom? Read all text and you will know about it.

You can create custom campaigns for each emoji, with different interactions: “Feedback Campaign”, “Message Campaign”, “Lead Campaign” and “Promotion Campaign”.

Link any emoji to any type of campaign – lead form, feedback form, survey etc – just in one place.

Collect more Leads
Increase the number of your subscribers capturing when they like your service. With our Emoji Widget you can interact with your users based on their feelings. When your users click on Smile, Heart, Like Emoji shows that they are in love with your product or your content and you have more chances to acquire a new subscriber at the right time.

Collect more Feedback
The Emojics changes the way to ask and collect feedback. People love to share their feelings but they hate wasting time. This service makes it fast and fun! With Emojics widget you can collect three time more feedback than with a classic pop-up.

Interact with your Users
Be able to interact with your users knowing their feeling is a huge power. Promote, notify and convert site visitors with our widget. Announce new sale discount or a product update or just say thank you to your users!

Collect and analyze feedback
Process massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with smart reports

Understand what content or product is most successful
The Emojics algorithm analyzes dozens of data and suggests what content performs better and engages your users more

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Go to, try for free and use Emojics.