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Good Mood Matcha – branding

Good Mood Matcha —From Uji, Kyoto to the London market

Matcha is a green tea from Japan, known to have multiple benefits; it boosts your energy and mood, it’s full of antioxidants and helps your metabolism.
Good Mood Matcha is based in London, but the product is sourced from a small, family run tea farm in Uji in Kyoto – the oldest, and the best, tea growing region in Japan, ensuring an ethical and sustainable product of the highest quality.

By north™ studio built the Good Mood Matcha-identity around a pattern inspired by the shapes and colors that naturally appear when stirring the tea powder in water. This, paired with a hand-drawn wordmark, crisp, legible type and negative space, gives the brand a strong visual impact, and highlights the products health benefits across packaging and other brand applications.

Good Mood Matchas bar can be found at London’s Old Spitalfields Market, where they are serving up classic matcha drinks and seasonal specials.

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