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Starbucks cups

Today I will tell you something about … coffee, not about design.

First, let me ask you – do you like the coffee they make at Starbucks? If yes – keep reading.

The atmosphere of Starbucks cafes is hard to confuse with any other place: as you open the door, you are already greeted by the barista, discussing your favorite books and music with them while waiting for your Venti Latte. However, newcomers might take some time to get used to the sizes of the cups or, more precisely, to these unusual names. Why is a ‘medium’ pronounced as ‘Grande,’ and where did the term ‘Tall’ come from – Starbucks answers the most popular questions of its guests.

Italy is a country that means a lot to the history of Starbucks. It was there that Howard Schultz got acquainted with the national coffee consumption culture, capable of bringing together all the lovers of this unique beverage. During his first visit to the country, the founder of Starbucks conceived the idea of recreating the romantic Italian atmosphere in his own coffee, tea, and spice shops, which were already operating in Seattle. The best coffee varieties, drinks known throughout Italy, the conversation between the barista and the guest – everything had to be meticulously thought out. Even in the sizes of the cups, Italian roots are evident – the unusual names, Tall, Grande, and Venti, have become Starbucks’ trademark, adding a special charm to the atmosphere of each coffee shop.

Not all guests know that besides the three main sizes known worldwide, there are also non-standard cup formats. For example, from June 14th in Moscow, and from July 5th in 9 other cities in Russia where Starbucks is present, you can order a drink in the size of Short. Which option is the most popular, which guests usually choose Venti, why the small cup is called Tall – the article contains answers to these and many other questions.

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Short. While the size Short might be completely new to guests in Russian coffee shops, it has been known in America for quite some time. Now, it is experiencing a renaissance as there are many advantages to this small volume. For example, it is perfect for experimenting with beverages – try unusual combinations by ordering the size Short, and once you find your favorite, confidently move up to Grande. Moreover, Starbucks baristas say that this size is excellent for Cappuccinos – the 237 milliliter cup holds 8 ounces, which is considered ideal for the traditional Italian drink.

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Tall. When it comes to the small cup size, not every guest would intuitively ask for the “Tall” size. Why the very first size in the lineup is not labeled as “Small,” for example, can be easily explained if you know all the secrets of the coffee shop. The reason is that, in the past, “Tall” used to be the largest cup size, and before it, there were indeed the “Short” and “Demi” sizes. The latter is the smallest cup size, with a volume of 89 milliliters, and it is often mentioned in the context of espresso. “Tall,” on the other hand, holds 12 ounces or 354 milliliters – thus, this size is equivalent to a large cup of coffee in any other coffee shop.

Grande. The term “Grande” has immediate Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French origins. Residents of these countries order a “big” drink, understanding which specific option the barista will prepare for them. For everyone else, it will be helpful to know that choosing the Grande cup size will help prolong the pleasure of the taste and aroma of your perfect Latte. Most often, guests pay attention to this size – opting for a medium-sized drink, it’s always nice to receive a little extra enjoyment in a 473 milliliter cup of coffee.

Venti. The name of this cup size is directly related to Italy. The word “Venti” translates to “twenty” – precisely the number of ounces contained in the 591 milliliter cup. Take note of the vibrant Lemonades and Shakes, choose the largest cup size, and your summer evening will undoubtedly extend for several more hours!

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