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Unique & Limited Gallery - Silver Arrows - The Behind That Broke

Today i wanna tell you about interesting project — Unique & Limited Gallery.

Unique & Limited is a team of artists and creative thinkers; producers and directors; automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists. They create artwork in a way that reflects they name – team methods are unique, and they finished pieces are limited.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Silver Arrows - The Behind That Broke
Silver Arrows – The Bend That Broke / Masaryk Circuit, 26 September 1937

Pay attention to the details. The essence of all the paintings is to recreate the historical moment, taking into account all the details.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Porsche 917K
Porsche 917K — German Engineering, Hollywood Ending

German Engineering, Hollywood Ending — 24 Hours Le Mans, France / 13-14 June 1970. Porsche 917K was in the Le Man film. Le Mans is a 1971 film depicting a fictional 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race starring Steve McQueen and directed by Lee H. Katzin. It features actual footage captured during the 1970 race held the previous June.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Czech Hurricane
Czech Hurricane

The scene of an airplane flying over the British Channel was recreated on September 2, 1940 / air battle “The Battle of Britain”.
In order for everything to be as accurate as possible — for the first time the team raised a drone into the sky to take a pictures of the terrain.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 250 GTO – Not Sterling Without Stirling

24 Hours Le Mans, France / 23-24 June 1963 To recreate this scene, the team get archival materials. Complied with all the details of cars, tracks and surroundings of the track.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Ferrari 250 GTO

Unique & Limited Gallery - Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR – Racing Sport Redefined

Targa Florio, Italy / 13 May 1973 The Porsche 911 Carrera RSR was the star of the race in 1973. Car was driven by the legendary Dutch racer Geis van Lennep. Van Lennep in 1971 won the Le Mans race, and set a record for the maximum distance traveled in Le Mans — 5335 kilometers (the record lasted until 2010).

The Targa Florio was an open road endurance automobile race held in the mountains of Sicily near the island’s capital of Palermo. The race was created in 1906 by the wealthy pioneer race driver and automobile enthusiast, Vincenzo Florio. Porsche got 11 wins (1-st place) on Targa Florio.

Unique & Limited Gallery - Bob Burman & Blitzen Benz
Bob Burman & Blitzen Benz

Daytona Beach, USA / 23 April 1911 The Blitzen Benz is a race car built by Benz & Cie in Mannheim, Germany, in 1909. On 23 April 1911, Bob Burman recorded an average of 228.1 kilometres per hour (141.7 mph) over a full mile at Daytona Beach, breaking Glenn Curtiss’s unofficial absolute speed record, land, sea or air, set in 1907 on his V-8 motorcycle. Burman’s record stood until 1919.

So, i told everything about Unique&Limited. They have many interesting history moments in the gallery. You need to check every project, see and learn the history moments.