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Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy wallet

New capsule collation Sartorial Calligraphy by Montblanc.

The timeless legendary Montblanc logo has always been associated with unrivaled craftsmanship, elegant design and innovative functionality. Thanks to a new interpretation, the House logo gets a new sound and becomes a symbol of self-expression and street fashion. In the new Sartorial Calligraphy leather accessories collection, the famous Montblanc logo font gives way to the custom handwriting of the House name, thus serving as an original dedication to its calligraphic heritage. As an innovator in the field of writing technology since 1906, Montblanc House has been producing writing instruments that allow generations of creative people and calligraphers to express themselves through writing, creating the most expressive handwritten text.

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy Backpack

The new interpretation of the Montblanc logo is a white print on Saffiano black leather bags and accessories designed for business and professional use, but with a catchy detail. Despite the fact that the House logo is never fully visible, the aesthetic characteristics of each product make it possible to accurately determine their affiliation with the Montblanc House: these are laconic lines, lining material with a calligraphic pattern and thoughtful functionality.

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy Wallet

A stylish accessory for residents of big cities, a large backpack with a zipper and adjustable shoulder straps are decorated with a stroke with a new Montblanc calligraphic logo on the front of the product. A folder with a zipper is an attractive and modern accessory for business meetings and training sessions. Small accessories presented in the collection: a wallet with six compartments for credit cards, a zipped wallet with 12 compartments for credit cards, banknotes and coins, a business card holder, wallet, a cover for two pens with a zipper and a removable cover for a notebook.

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