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Package of the week #1

Etneco Coffe

New packaging for Etneco coffee was created by MAJKUTWORKS. The vision of the Etneco brand is to bring customers honest espresso made in harmony and with love for nature. The Etneco brand was created in Slovakia and put on sale in April 2022.

Amaro Marasso

Design for AMARO MARASSO was made by BYVOLUME. Enter Amaro Marasso, the new kid on the block made not in a remote Alpine village but right in the middle of suburban Milan. ‘Marasso’ is Italian for adder, and its bite makes up for its lack of heritage: 16 carefully selected ingredients are infused in each batch to give it an explosive aroma and a firmly bitter finish. Contrary to one’s habits, you can drink Marasso before or after dinner, neat or mixed, on ice or just as it is.

Goose Tea

Goose Tea by Qingyou Studio. The portable envelope design of milk tea beverage with cake is varied and interesting Carry out mobile communication with cartoon modeling as creative vision Every cake in an exquisite box It’s like walking into a sweet shop and being photographed. Here more pictures.


KLABAUTERMANN — in the beliefs of the Baltic sailors — is a water spirit that assists sailors in their duties: helps sailors by warning them of danger, showing the ship’s course, etc. It is a merry and diligent creature, with an expert understanding of most watercraft, and an irrepressible musical talent. Design by Oleg Zaharevich. More great pictures here.

Lekue organic

Lékué has recently launched a collection of 100% airtight takeaway products named To Go Organic, whose main characteristic is a reduction of plastic, replaced by organic and recycled materials, such as wood fibre or RPet coming from other industries’ waste.

Packaging Manukora

In a world that’s increasingly prioritizing health and wellness, brands today have an opportunity to responsibly tap into the greatest source of all – mother nature. For Manukora, a New Zealand-based Manuka Honey producer, their commitment to natural ingredients and ethical production over the past 20 years already set them on their way. Design by PENDO.


Branding and package for Pheasant was made by Aritmija.


Packaging for PLÁNTATE was created by BOV DESIGN. “Many people who want to change their diet to a healthier one encounter the problem of a saturated market and a lack of clear information”. Plántate wants to be forceful in the message and clear when showing the ingredients of its products. We want to accompany the user on a journey where he can build his own story and conquer a vegetarian diet.


MACREATIVEAGENCY created packaging for THE PORTUGUESE CULTURE. Terras Lusas is a tribute to the most emblematic symbols of Portuguese culture. Some of them have worldwide recognition such as the Moliceiro of Aveiro, the Viana do Castelo Heart which represents the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the end of the 18th century of Gold, the Barcelos rooster and its legendary history of a pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela, until the Portuguese guitar and many others that represent the true icons of Portugal.


Great packaging for SEVEN POTIONS GROOMING PRODUCTS was created by LUMINOUS DESIGN. Seven Potions is a London based brand, offering grooming products to the modern gentlemen and when they asked us to design their visual language and packaging, we strived for authenticity and specialty. We designed a logotype that exudes the brand’s unique storytelling, capturing the balance between classic and modern. The symbol derives inspiration from the emblems defining English history, while the typography stays in touch with the modern era.

Thanks to packagingoftheworld.