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Laccoste 90th anniversary

Lacoste 90th anniversary

In early May, Lacoste turned 90. To celebrate this milestone, the brand, in collaboration with the BETC agency, launched a large-scale advertising campaign that brought together several countries, nationalities, and subcultures. To highlight its diversity, Lacoste posed the question: ‘What unites completely different people?’ The answer was simple – a sense of style and the brand’s favorite clothing. Thus, the series of videos titled ‘Impossible Encounters’ was born.

In the videos, the creators ‘collided’ residents of Tokyo with citizens of São Paulo, New York, and Vitry-sur-Seine, Miami and Marseille, Paris and Seoul. Their differences were emphasized through the use of different color palettes. To reflect their similarities, they employed the technique of visual symmetry.

Lacoste 90th anniversary - Sao Paulo meets Tokyo

São Paulo meets Tokyo
If distance separates them, the Crocodile unites them. Their common ground? Passion and uncompromising creativity, which they draw from Lacoste.

“At Brazilian street parties, they are all you see. Dazzling dancers, sunglasses and colourful total-look that doesn’t go by the book. The Lacosteiros are one of those communities that are as vibrant as they are inspiring… just like the one in Tokyo. True style seekers, they have an obsession for 100% vintage savoir-faire.”

Lacoste 90th anniversary - Vitry-sur-Seine
meets New York

Vitry-sur-Seine meets New York City
From Paris and its suburbs all the way to the streets of Harlem, the crocodile stands proud for styles that are both converging and unifying. Their common ground? Lacoste, the white total-look and plenty of energy to spare.

In Vitry sur Seine, French rap fans have been using the crocodile as their emblem since the 90s, for a stylish total-look: tracksuits, caps and bum bags. On the other side of the Atlantic, tennis culture and street codes intertwine with elegance and eclecticism.

Lacoste 90th anniversary - Marseille meets Miami

Marseille meets Miami
On either side of the world, two seaside cities are home to vibrant communities. Their common ground? Sunshine, color, lifestyle and their love for the crocodile.

In Marseille, young collectors cultivate a passion for Lacoste, one that is passed down from their grandparents. They seek out pieces that combine the unusual and the nostalgic to create a vibrant look. In Miami, the Lacoste community comprises golf enthusiasts with a classic style but boasting bright colors, with a love for positive energy.

Lacoste 90th anniversary - Paris meets Seoul

Paris meets Seoul
On either side of the globe, competition aficionados perform the same passion each in their own way. Their common ground? Lacoste and tennis.

Sunglasses, a polo shirt: the French Open fan always looks chic in Crocodile classics. This community never misses a tournament and is a perfect match for the Seoul community. Here, tennis is a lifestyle. For sport or for fashion, pleated skirts and technical clothing equip an ultra contemporary community.

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