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Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by LEGO
must have

Lego Polaroid

Iconic Polaroid Onestep SX-70 now by LEGO bricks...

Choco LEGO

Akihiro Mizuuchi combined 2 things — chocolate and LEGO bricks. As result — chocoLEGO bricks. via My Modern Met
porny by pixies

Porny by Pixies

(Русский) Porny - порно-сайт для женщин. Этот проект стал первым в рамках Pixies Studio ...
LEGO creative poster - bridge Mexico USA border

LEGO Mexican wall bridge

LEGO print advertisement that says it all: build a wall to divide people, and they will find a way to
New straw for McDonalds

The Straw for McDonald’s

The Straw was meda for new Chocolate Shamrock Shake®, which McDonald's present in Feb 15. The JACE and NK Labs

Color me NYC

Andrew Bly сделал палитру из цветов на улицах Нью-Йорка. via
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