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Dutch farmhouse

Lautenbag Architectuur made renovate Dutch farmhouse from 1831 in Oudebildtzijl. The clients wish was to enlarge the front house with
graphic design

Snob Hotel Paris

The Snob Hôtel was conceived as a bourgeois abode, created in essence, to pay homage to the Parisienne lady. This


There are objects, design procedures, manufacturing processes and traditional means of usage which are deeply engraved in time. RestartMilano begins

New instagram office

Instagram celebrate 6-th birthday and move to new office. Architecture company Gensler created new interior for Instagram at the Menlo

L.A Villa. Los Angeles

Perched high above the city of Los Angeles on nearly eight acres in the exclusive enclave of Bel Air, the

Ресторан и кофе-шоп TIPICS

Изменению интерьера ресторана TIPICS предшествовал редизайн логотипа и всей графики. Решено было создать более спокойный и уютный интерьер ресторана. Ресторан
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