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Stact Table

Stact table

Today i wanna tell you something about unusual table with computer inside.

Name of this project is STACT.

Stact table

Stact table

You can set the height of table for your needs from 66 to 118 santimeters, and you can sit or stand and work.

Table has a controller, which can remember 4 positions of table.

No some noise when your table changing height.

Stact table - in interior

What inside

All cables and pilot hided in the special place in the table. WiFi and Bluetooth modules placed inside the table.

Stact table - opened

Stact table - opened computer

Комплектации и варианты

Stact table

Stact table - for office

Stact table - for office

For more information you can go to www.stactwood.ru.