Видеофантазия на юбилее «Ингосстрах» / peopleofdesign

Video fantasy – anniversary of Ingosstrakh

The representation of classical painting in a new light is a delicate and interesting affair for curators, directors and museum specialists.

Having access to works from the collection of the Institute of Russian Realist Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery, Radugadesign decided to combine them harmoniously with generative art, without changing the masterpieces, but maintaining graphics and dynamics. Thus, Radugadesign combined the past and present in one whole piece of art. In this project, the studio, professional directors, music producers and a whole orchestra created a video fantasy for guests of the gala evening dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ingosstrakh. With a difference in the day, the show took place at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theater, bringing together painting, classical music, modern technologies and design, thus opening a new facet of static classical masterpieces.

Special thanks go to the V confession agency.