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(Montblanc M) RED

Montblanc M RED

Special edition from Montblanc M (RED) — fight against AIDS.

Montblanc has recently launched (MONTBLANC M) RED, a new writing instrument range that is helping the fight against AIDS. Designed by esteemed industrial designer Marc Newson in collaboration with (RED), the new (MONTBLANC M) RED line has been done in a bright red resin color, adding a splash of color to the brand’s collection of luxury pens. A portion of the proceeds for each pen is donated to the Global Fund, a program created to accelerate the end of the HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics.

Montblanc M RED

Luxury goods brand Montblanc, known for its humanitarian efforts such as those sustained by its annual Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, among others, is once again melding its resources and its principles. The new (Montblanc M) RED collection was designed to assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, with a portion of proceeds of every pen sold slated for that cause.

“For over 110 years, Montblanc has built a heritage of creating fine writing instruments that have a special meaning for their owners,” says Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki. “Through our partnership with (RED) we continue this long tradition, creating a special lifetime companion that makes a real impact by supporting the goal towards an HIV-free society. Montblanc is proud to be a part of supporting this great cause, and we hope our customers will embark on this journey with us.”

Through this new collaboration with Marc Newson and (RED), Montblanc also hopes to push boundaries with their “unexpected cutting-edge design and high performing products.” The brand expresses that Newton, an industrial artist known for his sleek geometrical designs in aircrafts, furniture, clothing, and jewelry, was the ideal partner for this project. In a statement, they share that Newson’s “bold aesthetic statement” adds a new layer to the product, without compromising the functionality that Montblanc is known for. (MONTBLANC M) RED pens includes a Montblanc emblem made of precious white resin, a magnetic cap, a platinum-coated metal forepart for an enhanced writing experience, and a 14K gold nib. It is available in three styles, a Fountain Pen, Roller Ball or Ballpoint point.

Montblanc M RED

For every purchase of a (MONTBLANC M) RED writing instrument and accessory, 5 euros will be donated to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs. This amount provides over 25 days of life-saving HIV medication for those with the disease.