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Lacoste – Tennis 2022

Lacoste - Miami Open 22

Everyone knows Lacoste supports tennis and most important tournament for they — Roland Garros. But at this moment Lacoste supports also Miami Open and I want to show you some new stuff from Lacoste for tennis. Above you can see the Miami Open t-shirt.

Lacoste - Miami Open 22

For Miami Open Lacoste created t-shirts, polo and sweatshirts. They contains simple logo and creative graphics, as below:

Lacoste - Miami Open 2022
You can buy it — here.

Lacoste - Miami Open 2022

Lacoste - Miami Open 2022
And this t-shirt here.

Now let’s see what the Lacoste made for Roland Garros’22. Something about tournament, how it’s going. Marin Cilic showed the great game and beat Daniil Medvedev and after that he beat Andrei Rublev and he will play with Casper Ruud. Oh, about Carlos Alcaraz… Zverev stoped him. Ok, let’s watch the clothes by Lacoste.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Polo classic
A classic polo with RG logo. Blue marin, Blue and White colors. 140 EUR.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Pink Polo
One more classic polo with a Lacoste patch on the sleeve. I think it’s very stylish. 130 EUR. Pink, white and turquoise colors.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - T-Shirt
Blue marin color t-shirt with white logo. RG logo at the bottom. Blue, white and orange colors. 70 EUR.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Sweatshirt
Blue marin color sweatshirt with RG logo. I like it. 130 EUR.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Socks
Roland Garros socks — I haven’t seen this before, but looks great. 30 EUR.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - T-Shirt
Good Roland Garros t-shirt. Blue and white colors. 34-52 EUR.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Eyewear
RG eye glasses by Lacoste. You can find few color on the link.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - White Sweatshirt
White sweatshirt with a big RG logo. More info here.

Lacoste - Roland Garros 2022 - Eyewear box

That’s all what I would show you. Thanks for your attention. Have a good day and watch the tennis…