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New watches Summit Lite by Montblanc

Summit Lite by Montblanc

Find your balance: Montblanc Summit Lite

With the introduction of the Summit Lite smartwatch Montblanc brings a burst of energy to its expanding Summit smartwatch line-up. Conceived for an emerging generation of luxury smartwatch users seeking wearables that match their healthy and active lifestyles, the watch distinguishes itself from other Montblanc wearables with its fresh, disruptive design and streamlined functionalities to assist with fitness, performance and wellbeing.

Summit Lite by Montblanc

“With the renewed focus on health, fitness, mindfulness and wellbeing we are witnessing today, our goal was to create a smartwatch that had just the right tools to support its owner throughout the day, in a way that was instinctive and effortless for today’s business lifestyle customer”, explains Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “Named Summit Lite after its lightweight design, it aligns with its wearer’s activities and is built for high performing individuals who are constantly on the move and blend their workout routine with their work routine”.

The smartwatch’s lightweight 43 mm case is crafted from recycled aluminium and robust stainless steel giving it its active, high performance appearance, while the eye-catching form is modern and sleek. The case comes in either a matte black or matte silver-grey colour, and is paired with either a sporty fabric or rubber strap, creating four different design variations. Each smartwatch features a crisp 1.19“ AMOLED display with Gorilla Cover Glass. It also offers an updated heart rate monitor and GPS, and is water-resistant to 5 ATM. Like other Summit watches, the technology and software is powered with Wear OS by Google which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Summit Lite by Montblanc

In addition to the full Wear OS by Google ecosystem of apps and services, Montblanc has developed proprietary apps based on proven algorithms that distinguish the Summit Lite smartwatch and add dedicated value for its owner. They include:

Cardio Coach.
The Cardio Coach app gives personalized workout recommendations based on your current fitness level (VO2 max) and live coaching advice. It keeps track of the users’ progress and adjusts accordingly. The users get to improve their fitness according to their own goals and at the wanted pace – for ideal healthy and long-lasting results.

Body Energy.
This app tracks mental and physical exhaustion to show the users’ current energy level. It incorporates data from your sleep, activity and stress level. The users see the influence of their behavior, on their energy level and can therefore adapt their plans to optimize their daily energy use.

Tracks the users’ sleep in detail: length, quality and sleep phases. It issues personalized recommendations to improve the sleep quality and thus the daily energy level. The user gets a clear understanding of their sleeping patterns and are enabled to try to actively improve them.

And this app tracks physical and mental stress levels and gives advice at strategic times. The users get more clarity over their body’s response to stressful events and are provided proactive recommendations to do breathing exercises during stressful times.

This smart watches was developed with sustainability goals in mind featuring a case crafted out of recycled aluminium, and sustainable packaging made from 100% paper.

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Summit Lite by Montblanc

Summit Lite by Montblanc